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Epson Surelab D3000 Lab Prints


The Epson Surelab D3000 is a new technology “DryLab” printer developed on Epson’s tried and true Ultrachrome inkjet printing platform. These prints exhibit unparalleled colour gamut and clarity compared to traditional silver halide based lab prints. The ink set used is Ultrachrome D6, producing a archival quality print rated to 75 years, with no gloss differential. Our standard print surface is lustre although gloss is available for an additional fee. Traditional and 35mm photo sizes are available as well as panoramas up to 12x48” (30.5x122cm). Prints can be exact size*, borderless or have a small 3mm border.  Borderless prints will auto expand by about 3% so image details near the edge of the frame will be trimmed off. Please allow for this in your cropping.  A matte paper is also available in an A4 & 12” rolls. We can deliver prints in A3, A4,  A5 and DL sizes on the matte surface, ideal for mail outs or invitations. 

This process is low cost, high quality and high volume, capable of up to 650 6x4” prints per hour, ideal for wedding, portrait and school photography markets.

An online print ordering system is in place for ordering prints online. Click on the button below to be taken to the print ordering page. Instructions here.


Colour Correction: Prints will, by default, be printed without any colour correction or sharpening added. If you wish us to correct your files, an additional charge will be incurred.

 Lustre, Gloss and Matte Surface Prices 

Print Size (in) Print Size (cm) Lustre/Gloss Matte Colour Correct
5x3.5 12.70x8.89 $0.95 $1.50  +$1.00
5x4 12.70x10.16 $0.95  $1.50 +$1.00
5x5 12.70x12.70


 $1.50  +$1.00
5x7 12.70x17.78 $0.95 $2.25  +$1.50
5x7.5 12.70x19.05  $0.95 $2.25 +$1.50
5x8 12.70x20.32 $0.95  $2.25 +$1.50
6x4 15.24x10.16 $0.95  $1.50 +$1.00
6x6 15.24x15.24 $1.50 $2.25  +$1.00
6x8 15.24x20.32 $2.00 $3.00  +$1.50
6x9 15.24x22.86 $3.00  $4.40 +$1.50
8x8 20.32x20.32  $4.80 $6.38 +$1.50
8x10 20.32x25.40  $6.80  $9.04 +$1.50
8x12 20.32x30.48  $8.80  $11.70 +$2.00
10x6.7 25.40x17.00 $6.00  $7.98 +$1.50
10x7 25.40x17.78  $6.00  $7.98 +$1.50
10x10 25.40x25.40  $8.00 $10.64  +$2.00
10x12 25.40x30.48  $8.70 $11.57  +$2.00
10x15 25.40x38.10 $12.68 $16.86 +$2.00
12x12 30.48x30.48  $9.80 $13.03  +$2.00
12x16 30.48x40.64 $16.90 $20.28 +$2.00
12x18 30.48x45.72  $18.90  $22.68  +$2.00
12x24 30.48x60.90  $28.00 $33.60 +$4.00
12x36 30.48x91.40 $40.00 $48.00  +$4.00
12x42 30.48x106.68 $48.00  $57.60  +$4.00
12x48 30.48x121.92  $51.00  $61.20 +$4.00 

Sizes marked in bold represent full frame 35mm format images

Files sizes represent uncompressed 8 bit images at 240ppi. JPEG images will be smaller.

*Exact size prints may have a 0.3mm white edge on some sides due to trimming inaccuracies inherent in the printer mechanism


Image Requirements

The Epson Surelab D3000 accepts JPEG and Tiff files. Please submit your files at the exact size you wish them to be printed. Specifications are as follows:

  • Colour Space:Adobe RGB
  • Bit Depth:8 bit
  • Layers:None
  • Alpha Channels:None
  • File Format:Jpeg (quality 10 or 12) or Tiff
  • Resolution:240 or 360ppi
  • Delivery:USB stick, CD, DVD or online via YouSendIt


  • By default, no colour correction or sharpening will be applied to your images. Please specify if you need this service.  An extra charge will be incurred.
  • Please separate your images into folders based on image size and surface. For example, if you have 10 8x12” lustre images and 40 6x4” gloss images to print, create a folder called 8x12” Lustre and a folder called 6x4” Gloss. This will allow us to process your order much more efficiently.
  • If you require multiple copies of certain images, up to 5, please include multiple copies of the file. If you require more than 5 copies, please provide clear written instructions with file name, size and copies required
  • Please specify if you wish for a small border to be printed on your image or if you want the image borderless. If the image is true borderless, you will lose approx 3-5% of the outside of the image in trimming.
  • Files can be sent online via our Hightail dropbox. Instructions for use can be found on our web site at: File Uploads. A message field is included for specifications on size, number of prints, surface, border and delivery. Please use this message field to communicate your needs to us.
  • When sending files via Hightail please still use the folder structure above. To further increase efficiency place all the folders into a ZIP file and send that single file from which we will decompress and extract the folders and files.
  • If sending images by post please include a covering note with any instructions for delivery, and your full contact details. Post to: ICC Imagetec, 2 Goulburn Street, Hobart, TAS, 7000.
  • Return postage will incur a delivery charge based on size and location, calculated via Australia Post. Most Tasmanian orders will be $12, mainland orders will be $15.
  • Orders of 50-99 prints attract a 5% discount.
  • Orders of 100+ prints attract a 10% discount.
  • Minimum order Value is $5.00
  • All prices include GST